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Modern Concrete Driveways 

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Next Level Modern Concrete Driveways

Modern concrete driveways are a way to provide accessibility to the home without losing any of the beauty and aesthetics that set it apart. Simple finishes and colors can give each home a unique look while still remaining durable and usable even in bad weather. Utilizing a modern concrete driveway contractor can help save money and provide the perfect addition to a home.
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Incorporating Modern Driveway Designs To Your Home

As you design your home, there’s a good chance your driveway will feature prominently around the front of your home. It’s often the first thing people see when they pull onto your property and can raise or lower your home's value.

Modern concrete driveways have the power to transform your home. Adding color or textures and designs to the concrete can enhance the curb appeal of your home in an instant!


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Start your modern concrete driveway design by choosing some simple colors. Whites, grays, or charcoal tones that are enhanced with some bolder accent colors can brighten your hardscapes and give your driveway a new life.

Subtle textures or patterns like large tile or checkerboard patterns can break up the larger stretches of plain concrete that make up typical concrete driveways. You can also finish the concrete with some broom sweeps to lightly texture the concrete as it finishes.

Take into account the overall style and aesthetics of your home as you build out your modern concrete driveway! If you’re not sure what style elements you want to incorporate from your home to your driveway, our team of technicians and designers at Concrete Driveways of Jacksonville can walk you through the process.

We start every project with a free estimate where our concrete driveway technicians can guide you through each step of the process from design to pouring the concrete and finishing the surface!

Tips for Creating a Modern Driveway

No matter what your home's overall design and style are here in Jacksonville, there are a few things you can do to make your driveway fit with your aesthetics.

Seamless Texture

Seamless stamps are a great way to create an effect on your driveway that starts with a base pattern and texture that can then be embellished with hand tools. This makes your driveway look like one seamless piece of stone. Installation time for this effect is much faster than with patterned stamps which can, in turn, lower the cost of your project.

Large Scale Tile

Stamps for your concrete driveway can cost you time and money. You can often create a similar effect by using saw cutting to create an oversized tile pattern in your driveway. The joints then act as grout lines and make it look more like an outdoor floor than a driveway.

Stains and Sealers

Concrete is traditionally dull and gray. You can quickly add some curb appeal and design by using stains and sealers to brighten up the typical gray driveways! If your siding or shutters are a certain color, you can incorporate those same colors into your driveway and lighten the whole space.

However you decided to finish your modern concrete driveway, there’s no need to try to do this project on your own. Concrete Driveways of Jacksonville and our team of professionals have been installing driveways with your designs in mind since 2006. Let us do the hard work for you while you kick back and relax and enjoy the modern effects when we’re done!


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