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Driveway Resurfacing

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Concrete Driveway Resurfacing

Driveways are designed to be outside and while concrete is a very durable material, eventually the surface can start to become stained or pitted. If the underlying structure of the concrete driveway is still sound, a simple resurfacing can bring life back to the material. Grinding off the surface of the concrete with special tools and then laying out a new surface can brighten, reshape, and revitalize a home.
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Revitalizing Your Concrete Driveway

We all know that the Florida weather can be harsh on any outdoor structures including driveways. Add in the fact that you’re constantly driving on the surface and your driveway can quickly become a drag on the value and aesthetics of your home.

Concrete driveway resurfacing can be a cost-effective way to revitalize your home and keep your driveway working the way it should!


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In addition to revitalizing your concrete driveway and protecting it from the Jacksonville weather, resurfacing can also offer an option to add color or texture to your driveway to help it match your home's aesthetics.

Rather than putting in the hassle yourself and trying to DIY a resurfacing project, let our team take the trouble off your plate! We’ll make sure you’re kept up to speed and are part of each step of the process as our team at Concrete Driveways of Jacksonville breathes new life into your concrete driveway without the cost of replacement.

Steps to Resurface a Concrete Driveway

Even if you’re planning on letting our team of professionals at Concrete Driveways of Jacksonville takes the lead on your resurfacing project, knowing what the steps are can help you prepare for the process!

The first step in a concrete driveway resurfacing project is to repair any damage. Cracks that might be spreading across your driveway need to be fixed with sealer or filler before it’s resurfaced so the underlying structure can be protected.

Next, clean the surface with a pressure washer. This pulls off all the dirt, oil, and other debris that will keep the new surface from sticking to your concrete driveway.

Prepare the surface by grinding, etching, or acid-washing the concrete. The prepared surface lets the new overlay adhere better to the existing surface.

Mix your materials and be sure to add any coloring agents that you want on your new concrete surface.

Apply the coating using a trowel and allow the coating to dry. Typically, the concrete coating takes 24 hours to dry completely but you’ll want to check the labels of your materials to determine exactly how long the driveway will need to cure.

The last step in resurfacing a concrete driveway is to seal the surface. This is a crucial step that protects your driveway for the foreseeable future!

Taking on a driveway resurfacing project yourself can be a little daunting. Let us take that project off your plate! Concrete Driveways of Jacksonville has a team of professionals who can take on each step of this process so you can just kick back and relax! Don’t let your weekends get filled up with trips to the hardware store; let us resurface your driveway and get it looking its best!


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